Kawak receives STC from FAA for T3

 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) #SA02266SE

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Bend, Oregon March 14, 2013 –– The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) #SA02266SE to Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc. for the development of its new T3 Throttle Quadrant for use on Air Tractors equipped with PT6 engines.  A key design element of the T3 is Kawak’s “SafeLock” feature.  SafeLock  prevents un-commanded movement of the propeller lever when in feather, which can result in a potentially hazardous situation for the pilot, personnel and bystanders. The T3 Throttle Quadrant positively locks the propeller lever in feather and assures you will not fall victim to any uncommanded movement of the propeller lever.  Giving you the confidence to know that your parked aircraft will stay parked.

The T3 Throttle Quadrant features, canted levers to improve pilot ergonomics and reduce fatigue.  Superior slide and gate design  ensure ultimate safety and smooth  operation.   Kawak Aviation has also included multiple mounting provisions for an easy bolt in replacement on Air Tractor, Thrush, Dromader and Ag Cat turbine installations.

Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc. began as Ag-Air Systems in 1991. The company established itself as a market leading designer and manufacturer of fixed wing turbine propulsion systems and auxiliary hydraulic power  for both fixed wing and rotor wing agricultural and utility aircraft..  Over the last two decades Kawak has become known as the premier supplier of high efficiency and reliable mission equipment for the aerial firefighting, unmanned vehicle, and air cargo industries.  Agricultural aviation however remains a primary focus of Kawak’s product development and overall business portfolio.