Introducing the Kawak Cascade helicopter firefighting bucket – the high-performance helicopter fire fighting bucket designed for efficient and reliable aerial firefighting operations. The Cascade bucket is designed to have an excellent drop pattern maximizing coverage and extinguishing flames effectively. Its flight characteristics are exceptionally stable, making it easy to handle even under challenging conditions. Additionally, the bucket is designed to dip-fill rapidly and efficiently, reducing turnaround times and maximizing firefighting effectiveness. The Cascade’s collapsible design further adds to its convenience, making it easy to store, transport, and handle on the ground. The Cascade bucket is an essential tool for firefighting professionals, offering exceptional performance and innovative design.

Features and Specifications:

• Excellent stable in-flight characteristics
• Excellent drop pattern with both high density and good coverage
• Collapsible top frame stows for storage and ground handling
• Robust simple valve allows rapid sink and fill in the dip
• 1600 Gpm AC refill pump, significant weight savings over heavy DC lines; draws 35 amps
• Modular components for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting
• Stronger than steel, lightweight, synthetic rigging
• Fully manufactured in Oregon, USA
• Two US & international patents pending

Current model/size availability:

• 900gal (3410 liters) – 350lbs w/o refill – 417lbs w/refill – 34 second powerfill
• 1060gal (4000 liters) – 360lbs w/o refill – 427lbs w/refill – 40 second powerfill
• 2600gal (9800 liters) – 585lbs w/o refill – 652lbs w/refill – 85 second powerfill
• Production of other popular bucket sizes imminent

Product Literature:

  • ***Initial Release of manual available upon request. Released version of manual available “Here” on this webpage starting in mid March 2023!***

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