Kawak has over 70+ years of combined aviation hydraulic system design experience in the field of hydraulic power systems and manufacturing. These years are attributed to multiple individuals whom have worked directly in the hydraulics industry for 12 or more years including one individual who has owned and operated an industrial hydraulics company from 1978 to present day.

Since Kawak was established, we have used our experience with hydraulic system design to provide FAA certified hydraulic system support to aerial logging, aerial agriculture, aerial firefighting, and cargo transport industries. We routinely develop new configurations of hydraulic manifolds, reservoirs, and actuators to accommodate the design requirements of our customer’s unique applications.

Our team is fully competent and experienced in the design, manufacturing, and production difficulties of Phosphate ester based (Skydrol) hydraulic systems. We currently design and manufacture valve manifolds, cylinders, and hydraulic power units that are used around the world in Skydrol based 757 cargo transport planes.

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