Aerostructure and nacelle systems are the aerodynamic structures that surround turbine and jet engines, their supporting structures, inlet cowls, and exhaust systems.

Kawak has 20+ years of distinguished experience providing high quality and innovative aerostructure and nacelle solutions for the aerospace industry. Kawak Aerostructure and nacelle solutions include pylon structures, turbine engine nacelle welded tube assemblies, composite nacelle and sheet metal structure, aerodynamic structures to surround turbine and jet engines, supporting frames & structures, inlet cowls, and exhaust systems. Examples of tubular structures include STC’d firewall forward turbine engine conversion kits for fixed wing aircraft to complete VTOL turbine engine nacelles for airships. Kawak has the personel, the capabilities, and is structured to provide clients with any combination of support and services required from design and performance specifications to build-to-print manufacturing and anything in between.

Aerostructure And Nacelle Examples

Sheetmetal aerostructure:

The Kaman K-1200 Firemax project is an excellent example of our sheetmetal capabilities and experience. Click this link to view the Firemax project details.

Composites and Welded Aerostructure:

The use of modern materials and composites is ever increasingly important in the aviation industry as is welded support structure. The BlueDevil II airship is an excellent example of Kawak’s capabilities in composite and welded aerostructure. Click this link for BD II project details.

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