Kawak Aviation Technologies has been and continues to successfully comply with the Federal Aviation Administration certification process. For over two decades Kawak has been awarded numerous certifications for original and innovative technologies for the aviation industry.

Kawak’s reputation has been validated by the FAA for “Engineering Excellence.”

Kawak’s superior quality and reliability has also gained recognition by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency.

Most regard aircraft products as slow and expensive to develop. In order to help alleviate this regard Kawak Aviation employs an on staff Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR). This translates into higher efficiency with lower development cost of “idea to certification” products.

Aircraft and component design when coupled with FAA/EASA certifications require appropriate documentation to achieve certification approval.  Because of Kawak’s thorough and varied experience with FAA certification projects we continue to maintain strong relationships not only within the FAA/EASA but also with Designated Engineering Representatives (DER). This allows expedient design validations and reduces the amount of rework necessary during research and development to apply for certificate approval.  We work routinely with DER’s within the disciplines of Flight Test Pilot, Power Plant Engineering, Structural Engineering, and System and Equipment Engineering.

These key points enable Kawak to autonomously develop, manufacture, and certify new products for the aviation industry with limited outside involvement. Kawak’s experience and positive positioning with the FAA create ease and viability for business with prime contractors for  general aviation, aviation firefighting, UAV, and Defense industries.

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