***Notice to Customers: Global supply chain issues are impacting all lead times on components from our vendors. Kawak endeavors to keep strong levels of inventory available in-house, but these supply chain issues will have an ongoing effect on our delivery schedule to customers on several products for the foreseeable future.  We urge our customers to evaluate current and future needs with these supply chain issues in mind and act accordingly.

Aerial Agriculture

Kawak Aviation Aerial Agriculture Products

Kawak’s aerial agriculture products help our customers meet or exceed grower needs while maximizing dollar per acre earned for applicator and grower both.

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Aerial Fire Fighting

Kawak Aviation Aerial Fire Fighting Products

Kawak helicopter firefighting products dramatically decrease hover refill times, increase reliability, and help our customers win, meet, and keep fire contracts.

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Throttle Quadrants

Kawak Aviation Aircraft Throttle Quadrants

Kawak uses the highest quality materials, processes, and finishes in our quadrants ensuring lasting functionality and smooth operation for the life of our products.

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Electric Motors

Kawak Aviation BLDC 28vdc Electric Motors

Kawak motors are used in helicopter fire fighting, military vehicles, and other industries with high output, harsh environment, and programmable needs.

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Mission Power

Kawak Aviation BLDC 28vdc Electric Motors

Kawak accessory drive mission power systems are used to provide reliable power for auxiliary mission equipment and systems in many aircraft and industries.

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Cutting Edge Engineering

Kawak has built a reputation for accommodating fast-track product development programs in a global market for Auxiliary Mission Power Systems, Helicopter Firefighting, Aerial Agriculture, Flight Control Quadrants, Electric motors, and Advanced Power Solutions.

See our BlueSky projects page or contact a Kawak representative for more information on how we can help with your next development program.

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Innovation Isn’t Just An Idea It’s Our Mission

Kawak was founded under the belief that to progress, the aviation industry and our customers must be provided with intelligent innovation, industry leading performance, and the safest mission equipment solutions possible. Today Kawak is developing these solutions and the fundamental relationships necessary to achieve our mission.