Headquartered in Bend Oregon, Kawak is an aviation technology and innovation company that employs a cultured and innovative staff predominantly engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and support of technology systems, products and services for the aviation industry. Kawak specializes in Aerial Agriculture, Helicopter firefighting, Flight Control Quadrants, Electric motors, fast-track product development and auxiliary mission power systems.

Kawak is headed by company founders Michael R. Reightley and Douglas A. Sawyer. From the beginning Kawak has been an innovation culture company where team members are encouraged to think with a blue-sky design method while focusing on real customer value, performance, reliability, and a commitment to sustainability. These are the ideas on which the foundation of Kawak Aviation is built.

Our Mission: Kawak was founded under the belief that to progress, the aviation industry and our customers deserve to be provided with the most innovative, highest performing, best supported, and safest mission equipment solutions possible. Today Kawak is actively developing these solutions and the fundamental relationships necessary to achieve our mission.

Our Customers: As an aviation technology and innovation company, Kawak supports products and development not only in the United States, but also in the global market. Our company supports Ag pilots, helicopter fire fighters, U.S. military contractors, commercial aviation companies, cargo aircraft conversion companies, and we are a sub-contractor for many large aerospace and defense companies.

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