Kawak’s RMA process is used for items that are sent to Kawak for warranty, overhaul, rebuild/refurbishment. As some of Kawak products are required to have overhauls or be rebuilt after a predetermined number of hours of operation, returns for overhaul or refurbishment are typical.

Kawak pdf download Kawak Aviation warranty policy.

RMA Policy and Instructions:

  1. Fill out the form on this page. Enter each item into the form below. Serialized parts must be entered on separate lines. Send when complete.
  2. Wait for a Kawak representative to contact you with your RMA number. Prepare and ship your return package with the RMA number displayed on the shipping label (See example at bottom of page). Packages sent back to Kawak must have the RMA number displayed on the outside of the package. Any products returned to Kawak without an RMA number are subject to be returned to sender.
  3. Kawak charges a flat shop rate of $250.00 for inspection of parts returned on RMAs for rebuilds, refurbishments and overhauls.
    1. Additional charges for parts and labor will be billed to the customer.
    2. After an initial inspection and diagnosis, a quote will be sent to the customer within one (1) week, prior to commencing the rebuild.

***To begin the RMA process and receive your RMA number please complete the following form in it’s entirety and send when complete. Once sent a Kawak representative will contact you shortly with a unique Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.***


    OverhaulRepairWarrantyMfg. DefectWrong Part

    OverhaulRepairWarrantyMfg. DefectWrong Part

    OverhaulRepairWarrantyMfg. DefectWrong Part

    OverhaulRepairWarrantyMfg. DefectWrong Part

    Shipping Instructions:

    1. Be sure to obtain an RMA number prior to shipping packages to Kawak and clearly mark the outside of the box(es) with this number.
    2. Ship only the items that are authorized.
    3. Ship returned items to:

    20690 CARMEN LOOP, STE. 102
    BEND, OREGON 97702

    Sample Address Label with RMA Number:

    ***Shipments  received  by  Kawak Aviation  Technologies, Inc. without  an RMA number are subject to be refused and returned to sender.***