Each year an average of 73,000 wildfires burn nearly 7 million acres of land and 2,600 structures in the United States alone. Kawak Aviation engineers and produces world class aerial fire fighting products. Our complete tank systems, refill pump technology, and hydraulic power solutions are second to none for performance and reliability. This means that Kawak fire products dramatically decrease refill times, are built to be simple, rugged and reliable, and set the standard for industry performance.

Our mission is to continually provide the aerial fire fighting industry with intelligent innovation, industry leading performance and support, and the safest mission equipment solutions possible.

  • Kawak aviation helicopter fire bucket pumps
  • Kawak Aviation Electric Helicopter Hover Refill Pumps 28vdc
  • Kawak Aviation Electric Helicopter Hover Refill Pumps 400hz
  • Kawak aviation helicopter hover refill pumps Hydraulic
  • Kawak aviation helicopter fire tank high flow inlets
  • Kawak Aviation bell 212 and 412 auxiliary hydraulic power system
  • Kawak aviation bell UH-1H auxiliary hydraulic power system
  • Kawak Aviation Sikorsky S61 Auxiliary Hydraulic Power System
  • Kawak aviation Kaman Kmax Auxiliary Hydraulic Power System
  • Accessory Drive Gearboxes