Getting Informed @ InfoAg 2014

Kawak Aviation attended the InfoAg Conference in St. Louis this past week. It was an informative look at what is taking place in precision agriculture and how we can be a part of facilitating successful application for aerial applicators.
InfoAg booth

Kawak Aviation has offered an Auxiliary Hydraulic System for the last decade, well before precision agriculture became a mainstream term. The system, that has a STC for AT 802’s, currently offers the fastest and most accurate response for variable rate applications, a reliable power source for operation of the chemical pump, boom valve, and air conditioning compressor, putting an applicator in a much more comfortable and competitive position to win bids for precision application.

Our systems is currently undergoing some upgrades that will allow for dry gate controls, precision spray application running variable rate controlled by the G4 SATLOC touch screen. The upgrades will give an applicator the ability to do what any ground rig can in a fraction of the time and with an unarguable accuracy. We look forward to giving updates on the progress and results from our applicators who are utilizing the new upgrades now!