Kawak Aviation produces harsh environment BLDC electric motors for a number of applications including fluid transfer pumps, ground vehicle generator drives, hybrid power and tactical vehicle systems. Kawak has a successful history of producing BLDC motors for aerospace and defense applications.

These precision programmable BLDC electric motors feature water tight machined aluminum casings and are rated IP66 for harsh environmental usage. The motor’s current draw is maintained electronically by a programmable integrated controller within the range of 100 amps to a maximum of 140 amps.

Kawak BLDC electric motors embody the advanced characteristics, performance, and reliability necessary for the ever advancing needs of aerospace industries, manned and unmanned motorized systems, military ground vehicle support and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • IP66 environmental rating
  • 90% Efficient
  • CNC-machined aluminum housing for maximum thermal transfer and reduced weight
  • Brushless motor design for long life
  • Reduced EMI interference
  • Standard splined and keyed output shaft options for various applications
  • Integral mounting provisions included
  • Programmable integrated controller inside sealed motor case
  • Built-in motor stall protection, with automatic stall reset
  • Computer programmable amperage limit, motor speed ramp rate, and data-logger functions.
  • Robust seal design utilizes redundant sealing mechanisms and potting materials which ensure liquids are kept from penetrating the motor
  • Modular motor control provides access for troubleshooting without removal of the motor from application installation

Specifications for 4 kW (5.36hp) motor:

Kawak 4Kw 28v BLDC Electric Motor Specifications

Product Literature:

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