The Cessna Caravan ZTEM airborne geophysical survey system was developed for it’s potential to identify porphyry copper, uranium, gold and features of other large ore deposits up to 2000 meters below the surface. Z‐Tipper Axis Electromagnetic (ZTEM) is an airborne electromagnetic survey system designed to detect anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field. These disruptions are caused by zones of rock that conduct or resist electrical current more than the surrounding rock such as ore deposits.

Developed in 2010-2011 this fixed wing implementation of the ZTEM uses an aerodynamic receiver that is retractable via a hoist and cradle. With this product development the customer approached Kawak with the need for an efficient yet low maintenance hydraulic solution for their hoist system. In result Kawak developed the engine driven hydraulic hoist drive for the ZTEM receiver retraction system based off the already proven Kawak Air Tractor engine driven hydraulic power system.

The Cessna Caravan ZTEM system has flown over 350,000 line-km and remains the only airborne AFMAG technology to be flown commercially.

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