The IOMAX Archangel is a multi-mission platform integrated with sophisticated ISR, mission management and fire control systems, and capable of performing long duration military or civil security operations. Based on the Thrush S2R-660, Archangel provides extremely long endurance via a platform that is specifically designed for operations in rugged, austere environments.

Kawak’s role in the Archangel was the development and integration of the tandem aircrew throttle quadrant design. Because of the need for specific functionality and safety redundancies this development project posed several complications for our engineers. One such complication was that the aircraft needed to utilize a positive engaging lever gate design ensuring maximal safety on the ground and in the air while of course allowing tandem opperations. Over the course of the development our team was able to create an innovative set of solutions that ultimately resulted in a highly robust, safe, and redundantly functional throttle quadrant.

To view more information on the IOMAX Archangel or see the throttle quadrant integration via an interactive 360 cockpit view, follow THIS LINK.

Kawak Assistance