Introducing the KFlow 200 variable speed high output spray pump – the ultimate solution for efficiency and productivity in aerial crop spraying.

Will dramatically increase the productivity of your helicopter with a nominal 200 GPM output. Featuring four years of in service testing with exceptional performance and reliability. Utilizes environmentally sealed Kawak 28vdc brush-less motor with proven history. Pilot controlled variable speed output to pump or automatic speed modulation via GPS/flow control integration.

The new KFlow 200 variable speed high output spray pump is a game-changer in aerial crop spraying. Its advanced features and efficient design make it the perfect solution for opperators looking to boost their productivity.

Features and Specifications:

• Kawak high torque variable speed 28 VDC brush-less motor
• Sealed motor housing
• 200 GPM nominal flow rate
• Variable speed can be adjusted manually via rotary dial or be automatically adjusted via GPS flow      control signal
• Integrated adjustable current limit from 90 to 150 amps
• Greaseless shaft pump and motor coupling
• Agrinautics pump available in both left and right hand configuration for easier integration into the spray plumbing
• Standard porting is 2 ½” camloc fitting on the inlet and 2” beaded hose connection on the outlet
– Other port options available
• Flexible mounting provisions
• Weight of pump/motor assembly – 37 lbs (17 kg)

Product Literature:

  • ***Initial Release of manual available upon request. Released version of manual available “Here” on this webpage starting in mid May 2023!***

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