Certified Part 145 Repair Station

Kawak Aviation has 14 CFR Part 145 Air Agency Certification #4KWR258D for Repair Station with Limited Accessories. Kawak initially pursued earning our repair station certification in support of Boeing 757-200 Cargo Door Conversion Hydraulics. Kawak looks forward to expanding our repair station capabilities as the needs of our growing customer base and product offerings grow.

The infrastructure associated with a repair station is much more sophisticated than what you would find at an FBO and certainly with an A&P mechanic. These facilities are required to have a manual describing the responsibilities of management personnel and company operating procedures. There is a requirement for a quality control system; however, many repair stations go beyond the basic requirement and develop intricate quality management systems. Repair stations are required to have an FAA-approved training program for repairmen and mechanics and there are housing, facilities, and equipment requirements also. These are requirements you won’t find when it comes to your usual MRO or A&P mechanic.

Federal regulations require repair stations to have a quality control system that is acceptable to the FAA. The repair station must have a manual that describes its inspection processes, the selection and training of its technicians and quality inspectors, how it conducts internal audits and the frequency, along with how it will annotate and track corrective actions taken to improve the system. There are more requirements and you can read them for yourself in Part 145.211. There is also a requirement for an FAA-approved training program.

The repair station is a great achievement and a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our entire team. Earning this FAA certification as a Part-145 FAA Repair Station adds an important dimension to the work we do every day in support of our current and future customers in the aviation industry. Find supporting information in the linked documents below.

Supporting Documentation:

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