The JP series helicopter bucket refill system equals simplified, more reliable, and faster filling. Kawak’s new line of “JetPump” or “JP” series products for bottom-filling buckets can fill to capacity in streams, ponds, and tanks as shallow as 16”, thus allowing more flexibility in dip sites and with a fill rate that reduces cycle times. The refill system is a derivative of Kawak’s proven refill pump technology that is used in fixed tank applications around the world.

This new JP line of products provides operators with a high-volume, lightweight powered fill option that can be configured with 28vdc, 400hz, or hydraulic power options.  The initial application of the JP Series has been designed to integrate into 1060gal and larger Bambi Buckets with 27” valves and provide fill rates between 1150 and 2500 gallons (4354-9464Litres) per minute, depending on power source.

The JP series solves the current problems with mechanical issues, complexity, and reliability and as a result allows Kawak to provide customers with better value to pass on to their customer. In the competitive arena of fire contracts, better value means that you win, meet, and keep contracts, or with a “Call When Needed” (CWN) contract it means you are the first to get called to the fire and the last to leave.

Features and Benefits(All Models):

  • Bottom-fill in only 16 inches (40 cm) of water.
  • Operators can draw from practically any accessible water source.
  • Retrofits to existing 27″ & 24″ Torrentula Bambi Bucket.
  • The JetPump system is integrated with the existing dump valve.
  • Modular kit design requires minimal modification to bucket.
  • Half the weight of existing pump solutions (400+lbs weight savings).
  • Configurable with 28vdc, 400hz, or hydraulic power options.

JP 1150 Model Specifications:
  • 28vdc programmable electric motor
  • 1150 GPM Maximum Flow Rate
  • 93lbs Pump Weight
  • 100 – 150amps Current Draw
JP 1600 Model Specifications:
  • 400Hz, 7.5hp electric motor
  • 1600 GPM Maximum Flow Rate
  • 100lbs Pump Weight
  • 30 AMPS (50A Limit) Current Draw
  • 208vac Voltage
JP 2500 Model Specifications:
  • Hydraulic motor
  • 2500 GPM Maximum Flow Rate
  • 72lbs Pump Weight
  • 15gpm Required nominal hydraulic system flow
  • 3000psi Max hydraulic system pressure

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All components designed and built to provide the utmost in reliability and longevity. Manufactured in the USA under FAA/PMA approved quality control system, your satisfaction is guaranteed.